Things to do in and around Clanwilliam

  • Clanwilliam SuperSpar Netbal tournament at Augsburg Landbougimnasium 29/07/2022 +30/07/2022


  • Rooibos2muisbos cycle race – does not come into Clanwilliam but does go to Lamberts Bay 30/07/2022


  • Flower show in the Flower Church Main Road Clanwilliam 25/08/2022 to 04/09/2022


  •  Art Exhibition by local artists of Clanwilliam and Lamberts Bay at the Kunshuis op Main Road Clanwilliam.

When it comes to things to do in Clanwilliam, you will not be left disappointed. Clanwilliam Hotel is a five-minute drive from the spectacular 18 km long Clanwilliam Dam where visitors can partake in a range of water sports, including the likes of water skiing, wakeboarding, parasailing and angling. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy sweeping vistas of flower scapes in the nearby Ramskop Nature Reserve which boasts over 200 indigenous species of wildflowers. Clanwilliam is on the Namaqualand flower route and is the ideal place to view the flowers in full bloom during the flower season in August and September.


Visitors can peruse Bushman Rock paintings, visit the local planetarium or hike to Pakhuis Pass. The Pass is just outside of town and has hiking routes for every kind of hiker, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. It boasts magnificent landscapes and is the gateway to Wupperthal – a Moravian mission village. Adrenaline junkies who don’t like to get their hair wet can indulge in the nearby Cederberg Mountains’ scenic 4×4, quad bike and mountain bike trails. And when you need refreshments, Clanwilliam is famous for cultivating Rooibos tea. The factory tour, along with a delicious cup of Rooibos tea, is recommended.


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